Internet AccessYou don't need access to the Internet to benefit from it. We provide the technology and the web space.
Outline of how it all worksPhotographs. You provide a good colour photograph of your work. The photo should be shot in daylight coloured light and be up to A4 size. One for each exhibit will be needed, together with a catalogue description of yourself, your preferred style of work and a description and price of each item.

Digital photographs. The same details as above but choose a fairly high quality as digital cameras can save in a lower quality which may look OK on screen but does not give the Gallery enough information for further processing.

Scanned images. If you are offering prints for sale you may prefer to send your images as scans on disc. It is also possible to scan the original painting. Please contact the Manager to discuss.

It is not complicatedWe design your page (for large exhibitions) or give you a space in a suitable room (for single entries) and let you know when it is ready for your approval before making it "live/published". Just treat it like an ordinary local exhibition. If in doubt, ask.
Professional ExhibitorsTo assure you that you will be properly represented please remember that you provide the material for exhibition, you provide the description of your services and your exhibits and you can even create your own layout for us to use as the basis for a web page. Your URL can be quoted in all your publications as:-

Direct sales can be arranged using your Paypal or WorldPay accounts.

Links to the GalleryThe Gallery is placed on all the major searching engines. These index all the pages on the Internet by category so that potential visitors to your page will be able to find you easily. Many of the specialist web indexes for art and design related web sites will also be used.
Internet usersFor those with E-Mail addresses we can provide simple mail-to links from your page or include cgi-bin scripts for automated replies from customers. For those with web space of their own we can provide a quick, low cost authoring service and can arrange up-loading your pages to your own site.
Cost£10 for the first image, £5 for subsequent images reducing on a sliding scale for larger exhibitions. One FREE change to image, catalogue and exhibition details during the twelve month subscription.

The Gallery charges no commission on sales, offering simply exhibition space and an introduction to enquirers about your work.

Special design termsEither a small site on the terms above or contact the Manager with an outline of your special requirements so we can give a quotation. Prices are usually based upon £100.00 for the equivalent of four unique A4 printed pages.
How to joinPlease send no money now. We will invoice you when we have completed your page(s) and you have seen the result. Further information is available by letting us know more about your requirements. The Form on the Contacting the Manager page should be filled in with as much detail as you can provide. None of this information will be passed on.
About usThe Chiltern Web Gallery is part of Chiltern Web Gazette published by Python Publishing. The Publisher provides IT related services to clients in the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire area and specialises in the World Wide Web and desktop publishing.

The Gallery has been running for several years and exhibitors have sold paintings and received commissions world wide.
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